Dr. Horowitz “…antibiotics were an effective treatment…” Grateful studies show what many of us know through experience. #lymedisease

Why Can‘t I get Better

Dr. Richard Horowitz commented on a study showing tetracycline antibiotics were an effective treatment for some schizophrenia symptoms. He also addresses the connection between tick-borne diseases such as Lyme and Bartonella, and treatment resistant depression, anxiety, rage and neurological problems. Dr. Horowitz concludes, “It is therefore plausible that a certain number of cases of severe psychiatric presentations are due to underlying infections, especially since Lyme disease is the number one spreading vector borne infection in the world.”

I was perplexed when my son’s behavior problems – including hyperactivity, depression, rage and OCD – would go away with antibiotics and return within several weeks of stopping their use. Also, how inflammation (usually related to diet) would often result in behavioral and neurological symptoms. I’m grateful to see that studies are showing what many of us know through experience, and support the idea that medicating psychiatric symptoms is not enough.