One of the things I most value about being an artist is having been educated within the environment of the ‘critique’. Learning how to receive feedback, accepting the vulnerability in offering your ideas for the opinions of others, and developing the skills to effectively and respectfully share your own insights, have been invaluable parts of my work and life.

I have two children in public school, and respect the challenge educators face in teaching the skills and values necessary to succeed in the 21st century economy while entrenched in an antiquated system, often with limited support and resources.

Educators are being expected to embrace the value of risk-taking, intellectual diversity, and unique approaches to problem solving while simultaneously “teaching to the test” and evaluating students within homogeneous rubrics.

I’ve enjoyed several opportunities to work with administrators and educators, discussing ways to bring authentic creativity and collaboration into the classroom, and supporting students in discovering and developing unique skills and talents that may not be recognized in a conventional education model.