As a Culture Strategist, I study the ways institutions and systems interact with people.

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Recent Projects:

Collective Medicine helps us understand the hierarchies that impede integrated care through stories and popular culture that reveal the history of how these hierarchies came to be.
Practices that are responsive to changes in our culture are opportunities for improved health for patients and their health care providers.

Collective Leadership applies these new narrative principles to organizational structures and leadership. This approach addresses the implicit bias informing an unspoken caste system that limits employee engagement, collaboration, and their ability to provide client centered services.

Work of Care offers free tools to support personal well-being of health care providers, educators, caregivers, parents and anyone who chooses the work of caring for others.
The challenge of caring for people during the Covid-19 pandemic can be daunting. Individuals who consistently practice self-care will bring positive change to their community.


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Rebecca Zelis, MS
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