ACA New England

Thank you for attending the ACA New England conference and for considering the well-being of your staff next summer. This link is a PDF of the full self-care workbook designed for camp staff. You have my permission to use this workbook for your 2022 staff, and to add your logo on the front page for personalization.

Listen to a description of how new narratives are changing the way your staff view the world at Also, please feel free to reach out if you have any general questions.

I believe passionately in the positive impact of these ideas on our community and to make them accessible I offer presentations, consultations, and trainings on a sliding scale. Contact me ([email protected]) for more information.

For summer camps, I offer in-person and zoom workshops on the following topics:
For Staff:
Collective Leadership A new model of leadership is emerging as a response to the digital age that supports diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Using examples from new media, including the Marvel Universe, Happy Potter, and Netflix series, we will explore how this style of leadership is foreshadowed in popular culture, the ways it may conflict with some of our well established systems and traditions, and the potential benefits for staff and campers in embracing new perspectives about what it means to be a “leader.”

Self-care Training and Workbook How do you create an environment that supports the well-being of your staff? Many haven’t practiced the life-skills necessary to consistently maintain their energy, focus, enthusiasm, and well-being throughout a long summer. This can result in burn-out, unreliable behavior, health problems, and even safety issues.

This wellness training and resources provided help camp communities understand the importance of personal wellness planning before campers arrive. Self-care is presented as a personal responsibility instead of an “escape” helping your staff be aware of the importance of taking care of themselves, supporting each other, and asking for help when they need it.

For Leadership Teams:
Collective Leadership A deeper dive into the what it means to choose non-hierarchical leadership and the benefits of this for your staff and campers. This includes an exploration of Collective Leadership, understanding when a hierarchical chain of command is necessary,  and utilizing both frameworks to enhance engagement, belonging, and inclusiveness in your leadership team and staff.

Private Consultations A discussion and/or facilitation with your Leadership Team to better understand the systems, communications, historical narratives and organizational structures that are unique to your camp, and that can impact the function and well-being of your team and camp community.