My life was affected in many ways by our child’s chronic illness. Work, lifestyle, friendships, creativity, my place in the community, and my perspective of education – all of these were altered by my family’s experience.

I became interested in how our society responds to people who are different, struggling, or not ‘keeping pace’ with the values of our dominant culture. Some of these people are affected by illness, some have addictions, and some have exceptional vitality and creativity and a need to express themselves in a unique way. What do they all have in common? The need for more compassionate and supportive people and communities. 

I study community health in graduate school, and work to advocate for more inclusive – and compassionate – systems and communities.


A More Creative Life (coming soon)

A website focused on expanding creativity in our daily lives

Caring For and Healing (

A site offering tools and resources for families affected by Lyme disease, pediatric illness, or disabilities