Collective Medicine

Collective Medicine is based on narrative studies by Jeff Gomez.  I developed Collective Medicine  as a way to better understand the sources of hierarchies in medical systems that present barriers to integrated care. This approach facilitates the empowerment of individuals in our heathcare systems.

Collective Medicine is an organizational model that addresses presumptions about power. Hidden constructs disempower patients, overburden providers, add unnecessary complexity to treatment, and prevent collaborative and integrated patient-centered care.

Each cycle here acknowledges that events happen continually throughout a patient’s life that will impact their health and well-being. The difference is the response which decides between health care being a ‘Reactive’ cycle or a ‘Collaborative’ cycle. Reactivity increases dependency upon health care providers, resulting in ongoing cycles that disempower the patient and increase the burden on providers.


Read my thesis on a systems approach in pediatric medicine, considering environment, personal resources, social support, and mental health in treatment planning.